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I want to help the Golf youth to get better in what they do, in what they live for ...

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Wiener Landeskader

Since 2012 i work together with the Viennese top junior team as a fitness coach. I had the opportunity to coach numerous valuable players, and i could see how important the fitness component has become in helping them reach great performances nationally and internationally.  

Junior Golf World Academy

Not only the top players can greatly benefit from a better fitness level. Even the players with lower aims can have a better golf experience when they work on improving their fitness level together with the golf skills. Martin Rentenberger does an amazing job guiding the young golfers and acknowledging the importance of fitness in their development. Our collaboration is based on great respect and common core values

TPI & PGA based training

Every professional or good golf player knows TPI and PGA. Utilizing the TPI platform to design training programs for the juniors , made me realize the similarities between their training methods and what I've been already using in the Landeskader program. That gave me the confidence of being on the right path. 

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Coordination & agility

Speed, strength & power

Athletic skills

Why i am the Personal Junior fitness Golf Trainer you are looking for!

For many the connection between great fitness , athleticism and golf is not very clear. Some of the contemporary top players took the game of golf to a whole new level by improving their fitness and getting overall  stronger in order to gain length to their strokes. This is the new status quo, and if you want to keep up with the best, you have to raise the standards and  understand the fitness requirements to not be left behind.

My background in the track and field throwing events is extremely valuable in understanding the physical qualities needed in golf, and to develop strategies to get players fitter and injury free. Is not just getting stronger, more flexible, stable, resilient , being able to utilize those qualities is key. The same like in the throwing events, the golfer is chasing excellence in one extremely quick and highly coordinated rotational gesture, failing to understand that may cost more than adding value. 


Not only is track and field the "mother of all sports", but the strength and conditioning methods used on a very large scale in sports performance, find their origins in track and field. More specifically, when it comes to  the golf swing, the closest gesture to it in sports, is the discus throw. Being a discus thrower myself, i understand very well what it takes to create a strong and resilient body that can produce efficient swings with reduced risk of injury. 


When you are already good but you want to be one of the best, just narrow your focus. Not only physical abilities need training, the mental side and personality development are just as crucial. Working in a group focuses on what fits everyone. Rarely the group is so compact that everyone can benefit in the same manner.

The solution is simple, individual training with focus on your specific needs.


Nutrition is a very important component of sports performance. Have you ever tried to put the wrong fuel in a racing car? When it comes to nutrients, not only the quality is important, but the quantity and timing as well. Forming the right eating habits at a young age,  can tremendously support the career of an athlete. The right nutrition can boost the energy level, speed up recovery, help prevent injuries, increase self esteem. 


You need to take care of business, or you want to train your own skills? Don't just hire a babysitter or drop them on a lousy playground. Put your kid in the best hands and free your mind.

junior Golf training levels

junior Golf exercises

Everyone should be coached based on their biologic age, but the training age should be kept in mind as well. Over the years i have adapted the training concept to accompany the junior players from a very young age, until they are ready to become Golf professionals. They go through four stages of training, starting with learning the basic physical abilities, then consolidating, optimizing and perfecting
Junior Golf Stefan Dumitrica
Junior Golf Stefan Dumitrica 1

Train to play

Age 9 - 12

Motor skills: consolidating the basic actions, practicing in a more detailed manner, incorporating specific drills

Coordination: learning gross motor skills,fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination

Physical abilities: learning the importance of practicing the basic physical abilities in a structured way

Golf for Life

Age 12 - 15

Motor skills: optimizing the ability to perform motor skills with a higher rate of success

Coordination: consolidating gross motor skills,fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination

Physical abilities: Improving/consolidating the basic physical abilities

learn to play

Age 6 - 9

Motor skills: learning basic actions like crawling, walking, running,balancing, jumping, throwing, kicking

Coordination: understanding how to control big body parts, how the body moves in time and space

Physical abilities: setting the base for speed, strength, endurance , mobility

Junior Golf Stefan Dumitrica 2
Junior Golf Stefan Dumitrica 3

Elite Team

Age 15 +

Motor skills: perfecting the skills, the continuous practice of motor skills will result in a greatly improved performance

Coordination: perfecting gross motor skills,fine motor skills, eye-hand coordination

Physical abilities: perfecting/optimizing the basic physical abilities

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