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I want to give more people my support even if they don't want to be competitive athletes, living life with a better fitness level is a great goal and needs to be encouraged.

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what i offer as FitnessTrainer

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diplomierter Fitnesstrainer

Track & Field

The "mother of all sports" delivers the fundamentals of my training programs. 

Strength training

Strength training has become undeniably important for every sport. At equal technical skills, being stronger than the competition can be a great advantage.

Junior Golf Training

Working with kids & juniors to improve their fitness for better golf performance, is strongly connected to my bachelor degree in physical education and sports.

Get fit in your favorite environment

You are more the outdoor type, gym rat, track guy, no problem i´ll train with you everywhere. John Harris, Donaupark, Das Gym, in your living room or your garden.

Fitness tools

If you need any fitness tools, just let me know. I can recommend & organize the right ones for your home, gym, living room, garden or in your hotel room.

Nutrition for sports

Nutrition is a very important component of sports performance.

Wrong food = no progress, as simple as it is. Therefore I offer my advice on this important task.

track & Field as the roots

Not only is track and field the "mother of all sports", but the strength and conditioning methods used on a very large scale in sports performance, find their origins in track and field. This is my profession as a private fitness coach.
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My Personal Trainer Stefan Dumitrica

Private fitness Coach service

The journey for a client of mine starts with a “get to know each other” session where I assess first of all their health status, experience with training, motivation for training, and specific goals. Then we try a few basic exercises to check their understanding and ability to take instructions. Based on the results we then move on to setting a plan or re-assessing the goals. Periodically we have check ups to see if we are still on track or we need to improve something. Although the exercises sometimes may be similar for many clients, the way we work on them is always individualized. This depends on many factors such as: age, fitness level, training experience, frequency of training, phase of training, strength level etc.

With some clients i work weekly or multiple times per week, others i see maybe monthly or every few months depending on what kind of help they need, level of training, stage of preparation. We may work in a fitness center, or in a private gym, outdoor, at home with a minimum of equipment or even online. I am very open towards every method as long as it fits the client and we make progress.

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Personal Trainer Stefan Dumitrica Fitness

Just in case you ask yourself WHY me as your private trainer

My MOST IMPORTANT GOAL as a personal fitness trainer when i work with an athlete or a fitness customer, is to help them get better. Seeing improvement, progress is what motivates me and makes me get out of bed. And the good thing is, there are so many areas one can improve, it basically never stops. I see it like a video game, once you achieve something you immediately unlock the door for the next level.

Another motivation for me is the strong belief that everyone can get better at something if they dedicate the time and attention and if they receive the time and attention. Coming from an environment where only the best one gets attention and seeing so many people going away from sports just because they were not good enough, made me understand that often the problem is the communication. So i want to give more people my support even if they don't want to be competitive athletes, living life with a better fitness level is a great goal and needs to be encouraged.

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Fitness Coaching BLOG

Fitness over 60

Track and field, the mother of all sports.

    my customers are more than only athletes

    Are men and women, kidsadults and seniors, are national & international mainly English speaking but also German speaking. All have one in common, willing to change their way of living, no matter which age, gender and handicaps.

    kids, juniors and adolescents

    Fitnesstrainer Wien

    My work expands over a quite broad area, I coach very young kids initiating them in the strength and conditioning segment of the sport they may practice. Or setting them on the right track for fitness training, whether it is for body building, increasing strength or just creating the habit of living life in a healthier way.

    I as well work with juniors and adolescents who want to achieve better fitness, physique, self confidence, or those who aspire to become professional athletes in a given sport (ex. : track and field, golf, soccer)

    business people

    personal fitness trainer wien

    Many of my personal training clients are business people between 40-80 years old who simply like to work on their fitness in a supervised manner to eliminate the risk of being inefficient or getting injured by not executing exercises properly or due to poor programming. Some of them are more ambitious and choose to be active in competitions as well, just to name a couple of sports I coach senior athletes in : golf, swimming, highland games.

    elderly people 60+

    privater fitness coach

    A good part of my clients are in the 60+ age, where unfortunately there are a lot of misconceptions and wrongful thoughts about what they can or can't do, or should or shouldn't do. A strong belief of mine in this direction is that “ we don't stop exercising because we get old, but we get old because we stop exercising” (unknown quote). Definitely the aging process is to consider, but that should not hinder someone from getting proper training. 

    Moral of the story, there is absolutely no reason for a 60+ person not to approach training like everyone else. 

    Personal Trainer Wien Stefan Dumitrica

    my Personal Trainer background

    Multiple University degrees in physical and track & field education, combined with management of physical activities were crucial, to set my future path as a personal trainer. Combined with accumulated experience over the last 15 years allow me to better understand my national & international clients and help them achieve their goals

    Over the years I continued my education with self studying and taking part in various workshops related to athletic coaching and personal training, just to name a few: analgesic gymnastics, muscular development and training methods, functional training, postural gymnastics, proprioceptive gymnastics, cutting edge nutrition and training methods. I spend a lot of time researching training methodology, updates, nutrition and supplements, basically to save my clients a lot of time. Therefore they can keep the focus on what is important for them. 

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    Values i believe in


    Learning how to train in a way that one can build on for the rest of their life, and if ever they lose track, they can go back to the basics and rebuild from there. No quick fix, no miracle method.


    Always back up the talk with action. Supporting my customers all the way in the process of becoming the best version of themselves. 

    Joy & hummanity

    It excites me to be able to make a difference in peoples lives. Everyone faces some struggles, or needs help to get better at something in life, it´s a big satisfaction to bring excitement and to help my customers no matter what goal they may have.

    Life quality

    That is one of my strongest beliefs. Not just being alive, but living life with good emotions, great health and being physically fit to face whatever comes your way.

    Honesty & straightness

    What you see and what you hear is what you get. Even it may not be the best marketing, painting the situation exactly as it is and offering sustainable solutions is how i take care of  business.


    Fitness, sports performance, body composition, you name it, it can only be achieved when the lifestyle is on the same page with your goals. Either you change your lifestyle, or you change your goals. 

    Fitness Coach Pricing

    These are the standard packages I offer, if you wish some special package, feel free to ask me.

    Single Session

    1* single session 60min
    in Vienna traveling incl.
    Pricing including tax

    10 + 1 Pack

    10* single sessions
    1* single session for free
    in Vienna traveling incl.
    Pricing including tax

    monthly Fee

    for longer commitment
    min. 6 months
    2* /60mins per week
    in Vienna traveling incl.
    Pricing including tax

    Success stories

    Stefan Dumitrica PT Kunde Jochen

    Since competition days are over and the remaining challenge is to bring family, work and sports under one roof, I asked Stefan: "why should I do my training with you?"

    "Because I can save time for you" was his answer - after several years, I am still convinced of that, as he is a professional coach with lots of ideas and methods. Above that he provides the right amount of humor without losing focus.


    Stefan Dumitrica PT Kunde Hans

    Stefan is my Personal Trainer for about 8 years and I would not want to have missed a single training unit. In spite of my age of 78 years, I could keep my body in shape and fit for my favorite sport, Tennis. Increase in strength also made it easier to sustain the challenge of every-day life. Stefan is up to date with the latest reports on training methods, including physiological implications. We have excellent communication, his suggestions and advice during training are clear and delivered with great intuition. Great Job.


    Stefan is highly competent in his field and has always truly cared about my progress. Being an athlete himself, he helped me with exercises that significantly increase my speed and mobility during the Golf swing, while at the same time improving my overall strength. I could not wish for a better trainer because I get along very well with him on both a professional and personal level.


    i'm the man to go to

    When my clients need advice, related to fitness or sports performance
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